annette schediwy-mackrel

a passion for beads

fine beaded jewelry

I started beading several years ago, instantly falling in love with the vast multitude of colors, textures and the rich history of the medium that stretches through millennia.   What a joy and pleasure to create adornments, what delight to share my passion.

Creating new jewelry is marvelous.  There are times I start with just a vague idea in my mind's eye, playing with the beads in front of me until they reorganize to more coherent forms.

Other times I reinvent, taking broken strands of old neglected pieces, rearranging them into something new.   Memories brought back from travels stored in beads can be worn, woven into necklaces and bracelets, charms of good times had and wonders seen.



Annette's earliest memories are of making things with her hands. The love to create and adorn has always been an integral part of her life and she takes great pleasure in generating connections between beauty and wearability in her jewelry, as well as in combining playful elegance with simplicity. 

Beads, with their vast multitude of colors and textures and their rich history that stretches through millennia, were an instant love affair. Annette approaches all projects with a beginner's mind. By carefully arranging and rearranging the individual components she aims to create artwork that is beautiful and functional at the same time. Each item is one of a kind, carefully handcrafted, bead by bead.

A native of Germany, she lives upstate New York with her family.

You can find Annette's jewelry in selected stores and on Etsy.  

 Several works have been published with instructions:




Annette will be teaching several projects at the 2019 Bead&Button Show 

in Milwaukee, June 7-9, 2019.

Stay tuned......


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